Friends Of The Trails


FREDERICTON TRAILS COALITION continues to support its mission statement as a non-profit, voluntary, public service organization dedicated to the preservation, development and promotion of green spaces for the benefit of our citizens’ health, enjoyment, and quality of life.

Established in 1990 to find and promote the development of an interconnecting trail system for every area of the city, in 2011 we were proud to see more than 85 kilometres of trail within the city limits – leading in 2009 to Fredericton being voted Canada’s 6th most-walkable city. As of 2017 we passed 90 kilometers of trails in the City.

We continue to uphold the principle that Fredericton’s trails should be reserved for non-motorised use: walkers, runners, cyclists, cross-country skiers, etc. Fredericton Trails Coalition supports the City of Fredericton in its ongoing implementation of the 20-year Trails and Bikeways Masterplan, designed to encourage and enable non-motorised forms of transport in everyday activities, including efforts to broaden the accessibility and year-round use of the trails in the city centre by paving selected stretches. We hold monthly meetings January-July and September-November, with the AGM in March. Your attendance is not essential for membership but we welcome new people with new ideas to keep our organization growing. We also have several activities through the year to promote the trails. If you have a little bit of free time to help our Coalition, we would love for you to join us. For more information on current activities and for meeting times and venues watch the Daily Gleaner’s Community Calendar, listen for our PSA on local radio stations, contact one of the Board Members or visit our website:

Our twice-yearly newsletter is published on the website, and can also be picked up at any of our public events. As part of our community work, we run an Adopt-A-Trail initiative which encourages local schools, businesses, sports groups etc. to take a section of city trail under their wing, with a special “clean-up week” each spring. Each fall since 2004 our volunteers, along with the Folks on Spokes, have staffed the Trail Visitor Centre to provide information and keep the washroom facilities open for trail users.

We continue to look for ways to encourage all residents and visitors to use and enjoy our trails. On International Trails Day in 2008, the old rail bridge was renamed The Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge in memory of our late founder. Bill’s dedication to the cause of Fredericton’s trails enabled the bridge to become a fundamental part of the whole trail system, and is now regularly used by hundreds of people every day. We are proud of these accomplishments and will always look to add improvements to trails. We promote the ‘Passport to Wellness’ Program of NB Trails Council and continue to encourage safe and considerate behaviour on the trails. Our newsletter represents all trail user groups and contains valuable information on activities of the Folks on Spokes, Wostawea Ski Club, Capital City Roadrunners, and the Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Thank you again for your support. It is very important to our organization, so that the wishes of the trail users can be properly represented.

Happy Trails!! For more information, contact us: