Tara Savage

Tara Savage – Bequeathment

Tara spent most of her life in Fredericton, NB. She lived a very simple, solitary life, rich in the wonders of Nature and deep in contemplation of life’s mysteries and blessings. She was content fly-fishing on the Miramichi, or cycling the New Brunswick roads and Fredericton trails. Tara possessed a near-obsessive respect for order, punctuality and equality. Like her father, Tara had a wonderful sense of humour and found laughter in humankind – both comic and tragic. Possessed with an abundance of kindliness and goodwill, Tara will be remembered for the many expressions of thoughtfulness to all, and especially to those travelling the Fredericton Trail System.

Tara lost her partner, Terrence (Terry) Joseph Goguen, in 2013.

Keith Phinney

A donation to the Fredericton Trails Coalition is made in the memory of Keith Phinney.

Keith Phinney lived in Fredericton for 21 years with his wife, Karen; and children, Catherine and David. Always longing to be at one with nature and the outdoors, Keith spent many hours biking on and enjoying the amazing trails of Fredericton.

With fond memories of Keith, from the Hickey family