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With the removal of the CN Railway lines from Fredericton City area and New Brunswick in the late 1980’s, a few special forward looking people of the Fredericton Trails Coalition advocated to convert the rail lines into recreational trails in order to promote an active and environmentally-friendly transportation network, maintain a sustainable urban environment, and to enhance the health and quality of life for those who live in and visit our city. Their vision at the time also extended to the Province of New Brunswick with the incorporation not only of the Fredericton Trials Coalition Inc., but also the New Brunswick Trails Council Inc. on December 22, 1993. This followed with the addition of the first trail, the Gibson Trail in 1993.

The larger vision of a Trans Canada Trail was born with the donation of 377 KM of abandoned rail line, including the CN Railway Bridge, (aka - The Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge) to the Province of New Brunswick by the Irving Family in October 1996. This completed the route through the City of Fredericton. The first section of the Northside Trail / Trans Canada Trail was completed in Fredericton in 1996. In 1997 the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge opened allowing the Trans Canada Trail to follow south along the Lincoln Trail and down the Saint John River. We owe these farsighted trail pioneers much for their like contributions to the Trans Canada Trail network we have today in Fredericton which boasts over 90 kms of Multi-Use Trails, 20 kms are paved surface, traversing both sides of the St. John River.

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